Financial services have changed significantly with the introduction of digital technology. Customers in small, medium and micro enterprises have begun to adapt to the changes, including use of mobile banking, fintech platforms, and some have still stuck to tradition banking model, including an unregulated village banking. The players have demanded for information now in the most easily accessible and available manner. Such information on shares, bank accounts, mobile account statements etc should now be on the fingertips, and on their personal devices. The dynamic and paradigm shift implies that various business models need to change and adapt rapidly. The requirement by the financial service providers remains critical to compliance, regulation, risk, cybersecurity and customer service issues. Reeds Business Solutions (RBS) has prepared to navigate and adapt to these changes. We appreciate the impact digital disruption on driving innovation and transformation of your business enterprises. Our experienced team can provide you with audit, regulatory, compliance, cybersecurity and risk solutions tailored to your unique needs. RBS’s local and international network of corporate finance partners advise on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, privatization, and sources of new capital and debt financing.


The Service will provide benefits to both financial institutions and their client companies:


This service provides the lender with a regular update on the health of the activity for which the loan was provided and with an early-warning system in case of insurmountable problems or possible default. An option in such a case would be for the bank or client to engage RBS to assist the client in overcoming actual or foreseen difficulties.

Our Recovery and Business Restructuring team provides pragmatic and robust advice to lenders, creditors and companies. The aim of Recovery is to help a client work itself out of an underperforming or loss-making situation, while the objective of Restructuring is to avoid a formal insolvency. We offer an array of solutions to help businesses that are underperforming, in crisis or who simply want to ensure they are in a good position for the future. All advice given is strictly confidential.
Our services typically comprise one or more of the following:

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