Financial services have changed significantly with the introduction of digital technology. Customers in small, medium and micro enterprises have begun to adapt to the changes, including use of mobile banking, fintech platforms, and some have still stuck to tradition banking model, including an unregulated village banking.


RBS promotes and participates in emergent consumer business enterprises and provides professional services in audit, accounting and tax services, from structure to to full compliance with planning and methods. These include local and regional corporate brand names whose business landing requires acclimatization of business local industry.


RBS in Zambia has been engaged with the agriculture sector since its foundation and has extensive expertise as well and experience in all its aspects. We are familiar with the accounting and taxation related to agriculture, and cashflow management in light of dynamic farming cycles.


RBS has worked with several clients in exploration, production and service companies to provide customized solutions through resources in every major Natural Resources business centre in the world.

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